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The 17th edition of the GameGune Major begins, one of the most veteran competitions in our country.

GameGune 2016 will see 16 of the best Hearthstone players in the world compete for their share of a €25,200 prize pool from the 18th and 19th of November.

The tournament will take place at the Tabakalera Cultural Centre in Donostia / San Sebastián and the event will not only invite some of the most recognised players, but will also host a Fireside Gathering with a prize pool of €2,000, giving amateur players the opportunity to enjoy the event alongside the professionals. Additionally, you will get the chance to take pictures with Blizzard cosplayers or participate in raffles to win awesome prizes.

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Dimitris Theodoro



Team: Millenium



Devin Garthright



Team: Spacestation Gaming



Esteban Opazo



Team: Arctic Gaming



Adrian Danlos





Diego Fuentes Garcia



Team: VCF eSports


United Kingdom

Jack Hutton



Team: Fade2Karma



Oleksandr Malsh



Team: Cloud9



Michaël Looze



Team: ArmaTeam



Louis Bremers





Ole Batyrbekov



Team: Virtuspro



Yevhenii Shumilin



Team: G2



Tomas Dailidonis





Radu Dima



Team: G2


Czech Republic

Stanislav Cifka



Team: Misfits



Rémi Roesch



Team: TeamAresEsport



Thijs Molendijk



Team: G2



€ 12,000
€ 6,000
€ 3,000
3rd & 4rd
€ 300
5th to 8th

Money prizes will undergo due tax deduction.


GameGune 2017 will see 16 of the best Hearthstone players in the world compete for their share of a €25,200 prize pool on the 17th and 18th of November.

Event Schedule

Friday 17th of November (GSL Group stage).

  • 4 groups of 4 players each (a total of 3 matches each).
  • The best 2 players of each group move on to the next stage on Saturday 18th of November.
  • Schedule:
    • 16:00 – Group Stages
    • 19:00 – Review of the matches and closing

Saturday 18th of November (Single Elimination stage)

  • The best 8 players of the groups stage will take part in this stage.
  • The winner of each match moves on to the next round, and the loser of each is eliminated from the tournament.
  • Schedule:
    • 10:30 – Quarterfinals
    • *Lunch break
    • 15.00 – Semi-finals and Final

Tournament format

  • All tournament matches will be played in best-of* 5 Conquest format.
  • Players will have 4 decks and 1 of them will be banned prior to the start of the match.
  • In order to win the match players will have to win 3 matches, each of them with one of his available heroes after the BAN.
  • When a player wins with a deck, this cannot be used again during the rest of the match.
  • The loser may continue with the same starting hand or use a different one. *Details of the Conquest format:

Competition format and regulations

All players are required to abide by and follow these rules.

  • The competition consists of a GSL Group Stage (Friday 17) + single elimination round (Saturday 18).
  • The standard format will be used.
  • All matches will be played on the European region.
  • Players may be added by the GameguneTV#2823 account to spectate their matches. Some of the matches will be recorded and broadcasted live.
  • After being called to play, players will open their accounts in their respective allocated PCs and once they are in the Select Deck screen, they will inform the admin which rival deck they want to ban (in case they are competing in the main stage) or they will approach the opponent’s PC and chose the deck (if they are competing outside the main stage).
  • In case there is a draw, the match will start again using same exact decks.
  • Players are required to exhibit good sportsmanship during the competition.
  • After any match or in case of disagreement during the match, players shall take a screenshot of the issue to facilitate the admin making the decision making.

Disqualification, cheating and prohibitions

Players must compete to the best of their ability at all times. Any form of cheating will not be tolerated.

  • Any kind of cheat will result in the disqualification of the tournament.
  • Players are not allowed to use the chat or any other external device during the matches. They will therefore have to set their account to busy status.
  • Players shall be called to play at the previously agreed time. If they are not there 10 minutes after the time agreed for their match, the player will be scored as “game lost”.
  • Players are not allowed to take notes during the match.
  • Listening to music is not allowed during the tournament. Except in the main stage which is mandatory.

Deck Lists

  • Each player shall submit their 4 decks lists in a document file changing the name of the deck with their battletag to before Tuesday 14th of November at 23:59h CET and may only use those starting hands during the tournament.

Deck list

  • There can be no more than one starting deck copy per hero.
  • Players must provide their own account and cards.
  • GameGune will publish all decks on Wednesday 15th of November.
  • Players may not access their collection or edit decks during the challenge. If they do so, they will lose a match (Sideboard Clause).

Additional information

These are the general rules of the tournament. However, organisers may make changes to these regulations to guarantee that the competition runs smoothly and that it is as enjoyable and fair as possible.

For further queries, please contact: